our mission

is to help you produce

the best quality music.


Located in Nairobi
bwenieve was founded
by Producer Agundabweni Akweyu
together with his
wife Evelyn Wanjiru(musician)
they are in charge of all
departments ensuring coordination
with the teams in the various
departments to deliver quality
services even under tight deadlines.

Bwenieve is structured
into sub departments
that inter-work to ensure
that its ability to serve
and exceed results for
its clients is achieved.
We have the most qualified,
humble and genius audio
producers that are well
versed with the skills,
knowledge and ability to
give the highest quality
of sound recording, mixing
and mastering hence execution
of best production.


The Audio Wing houses
the most advanced audio
recording and post-production
facilities manipulated and operated
by the experienced producers
and sound engineers.
Bwenieve Production has done
lots of projects for different
established and upcoming artists
looking forward to growing these
humble, inspired and creative talents
to more established, responsible
and enterprising personalities.
Feel free to visit
“Bwenieve Production”on YouTube to take
a look at some of our
many Production.